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Bye Richmond electorate!

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A word from Yoda (my mate Fae) who has provided Yoda’s Solomon solution to the election mess:

In a final comment about the election…Can we please stop the bickering now, and work to clean this mess up, starting with shared leadership. Julia Gillard can have Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, Tony Abbott can have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and Bob Brown can have Sundays to clean up the mess they create and set the agenda for the next week!


Bye Richmond Electorate! That’s it for me.

Congrats to Justine for getting back in.

For those interested in the maths of how the parties made from this election multiply each vote by $2.30 and that is how much you have just contributed to their next campaigns (as well as additional electoral allowances)!

I did predict a hung parliament from the outset (happened in Britain and in Tasmania and was clearly headed in that direction here) and also the importance that Independents were going to have in that scenario. Pity Richmond wasn’t interested in taking advantage of that – despite the fact that we had 4 very strong and intelligent Independents standing this time.

I also said all along that there was no real mood in this area for a change from party politics – despite the beliefs expressed by many people around the area, and my own expressed belief that party politics has destroyed democracy in this country.  One of my reasons for standing was to show that this was the case.

Huge informal vote so the question of whether compulsory voting should continue. Pity those who voted informal didn’t use their protest vote, if that’s what it was, to put more genuine Independents in.

I am also very disturbed at the role that the mainstream national media played in this election and the ongoing lies, tricks and misleading behaviour which continue to be enabled by the highly restricted powers of the AEC. I would love to see us move to either a Japanese system (no how to vote cards, no electoral advertising on the public purse allowed, just walk in and write the name of the candidate you want on a piece of paper), or the NZ system where how to vote cards are placed inside each polling booth and no hawkers allowed outside).

Maybe Julia Gillard should have consulted astrologers who apparently said that this was the worst day for an election as it would create massive confusion and that she should have had the election later in the year!!!

So thanks to those who voted for me, I think I spoke to each of you, and the other Independents, and for the support and encouragement offered.

I’ll watch with interest how this now becomes a negotiated parliament, with some disappointment that Richmond is not part of these negotiations,  and hope this might finally help people understand the importance of supporting intelligent and genuine Independents.

Finally I am as excited as my kids that they were able to be part of the historic win by the Greens candidate in Melbourne where it was interesting to note that no Independent was standing so the protest vote there clearly went to the Greens.

Question we need to all ask ourselves is – do we get what we deserve?


Hi Richmond Electorate.

A number of people have called for a genuinely Independent Community candidate who is able to knowledgeably and competently represent the many facets of community that make up the Richmond electorate.

Tonight (July 28), I’ve just had my nomination formally accepted by the Returning Officer which means that Richmond has a truly Independent candidate! Thanks to all those who helped with this- it was quite a process!

This site is designed to introduce me to those who do not know me, to give you an idea of my professional background, and to explain my passion for a healthy, sustainable location and planet for my (brand new) grandbaby, and others of course, to inherit. I will be including new information on a daily basis and invite you to email issues, questions and relevant information (concise please) you think will be of relevance and interest to others in this community.

To nominate as an electoral candidate requires a degree of foolhardiness. It also requires resources that most people do not have readily available for disposal.  What I am trying to do is to show that it is possible to institute a process whereby ‘good’ candidates may be supported by the broad community through a ‘commitment to investment’ to help them get up! i.e.  if you want to see an Independent candidate get elected, you need to help – in even the smallest way!

If you are:

Committed to genuine democracy not party politics

Fedup with spin and pollies who are disconnected from communities

Aware that Independents can make a massive difference when they are in the balance of power

Looking for an broad-based alternative to major parties

Looking for someone who will help you invest your grandkids future (even if you don’t have any right now)

Then come along for the ride! (and please go to the ‘how you can help’ page. Every little bit is crucially important)

I note that this website is authorised by Julie Boyd.



  1. Hi Julie,

    Congratulations for your boldness in wanting to be part of the solution.

    Do you support self-determination in Richmond area communities? In other words, do you support the people organising themselves to determine, exactly, what their will is before asking an elected official to implement it?

    If so, would you be actively supportive of community organisational activities such as that also ties in with, or an alternative method? If it’s an alternative method, would you please identify which one that might be?


    Ricardo Johansson

  2. My possible candidacy is an experiment in self-determination from my perspective. I hear so many people saying they are fed up with political parties yet I’m not convinced there are enough who are prepared to support an Independent candidacy- or if they say they will- they’re not sure who they would support. I have no personal ego around this. I’d just love to see a change and for there to be someone I really want to vote for who has a genuine interest in what local residents want.

    That’s why I’ve tried to turn this upside down and simply put out there that I’m willing to stand, I know what I’m doing, I understand how the political games work and don’t want to play them- and if I can meet 2 milestones I’m happy to go ahead and try to make a point.

    If I was elected (and that sounds like a politician!) I would be looking to set up advisory groups in different areas who could provide advice and support. I see this as a potential real ‘community candidacy’ as opposed to a political one.

  3. Well done Julie. Will get some donation into your account within the week. If you have any specific question for me regarding the campaign and strategy please e-mail me as i will be overseas until September. Good answer above.

    • Thanks Mac. Your contribution will be gratefully accepted as some minor funds are needed. I am hoping to raise $5000. That’s why I am asking people who are disillusioned with the major parties to invest a few dollars each as part of the message they want to send (see the ‘how you can help’ page). These ‘investments’ will be refunded to them if (and when!) I get enough votes to get any campaign funds back from the electoral office. . I’m planning to run this as a budget campaign as I’m over political parties effectively buying votes with spin and advertising rather than telling the truth about what they really believe. If you’d like to glance at the ‘Lessons learned’ page on this site you’ll see a comparison of estimated cost per vote from the last state election.

  4. Hello:
    I’m from the U.S. and have been friends with Julie for over 20 years. Our admiration and respect for each other’s work grew into a strong friendship.

    Julie is an intelligent and honest woman who has integrity, something lacking in our own politicians and, it sounds like, in yours. We have communicated a great deal over the last several years about what she thinks and how she feels about Hastings Point and surrounding areas. She is passionate about the future of her community and her country. She listens intently and will act on the concerns she hears. Her successful work to stop flagrant development that would ruin the area is on record.

    Vote for her. I would if I lived there. She will work tirelessly for the communities she represents. Send your small donations to help her win. Remember, our current president won his election with small donations, a few dollars each, from many, many people. Money is needed to get the word out. Buy a T-shirt. You can also donate your time to promote her.

    Good luck, Julie…You are truly a remarkable woman.

    PS.. for anyone who is cynical… Julie had no idea I was going to write this and I’ve probably embarrassed her.

    • Bless you Peggy. Thank you for your support and friendship. Now I’ll embarrass you right back! Peggy is one of my friends and a highly respected colleague who actually represents the fastest growing demographic in Australia, and I believe, America. Fabulous, highly educated, intelligent people and who through various sets of dire circumstances beyond their control have been left with huge challenges. Dr McCabe had to give up her highly respected and educationally important career to become a carer for not one, but four (yes 4!) people! Peggy also has advanced MS yet has to continue to do paid work every day as well due to the lack of assistance available from a compassion-less society. And still has time to support her mates. I fear we are headed in the same societal direction. Sorry mate – and, as kids say today, RESPECT!

  5. Julie,

    What is your position on fishing? Are you a preservationist or a conservationist? Do you support the Greens policy of turning vast tracts of the coastline into sanctuaries?


    • Hi Andrew. Thanks for your question. I don’t know that I’d characterise myself either way. I enjoy watching fishermen and eating any extra fish my fisherfriends are willing to share. I also live at Hastings Point and remain deeply concerned that runoff from developments into our estuaries has been destroying fish nurseries here for several years now. I’m also concerned at the number of people/visitors who destroy fragile species on our rocky headland here looking for bait. If areas need to be shut down temporarily to enable stocks to rebuild surely that’s a good thing for everyone, as I understand, anyone whose livelihood is impacted is already duely compensated. As a marine scientist in one of my past professions I know that natural systems will recover from all kinds of trauma if given the time to do so. I also believe that we need to ‘think global and act local’. We knew that back in the 80’s- but now we don’t have a choice. I’m also concerned about the great Pacific rubbish patch which is now apparently as big as Queensland. I’ve been writing to fishing groups for years asking them to implore their members to take responsibility for removing their own plastic bait bags, fish-hooks, fishing line and empty drink bottles that smash on the reef off our beach. So I’d really like to hear how the fishing groups would plan to address some of these issues as I think we all have a responsibility to maintain healthy oceans and fish stocks.

      • Julie,

        As far I as I am aware – the Hastings Point Platform (headland) is protected already from bait gathering. The broader community has the same concerns as you about habitat, including disturbance and pollution. There are rules for all of the tings above – they are just not enforced.

        What is very likely though is that the only rules that will be enforced are those against people fishing.

        From your response above I can assume that you are in fovour of the broader proposals to close off this area of NNSW to fishing.

      • Thanks again Andrew. The Headland and estuary do not have sufficient protections and you’re right- there is not enough enforcement of those that do exist. Part of the problem in the Tweed Shire is the lack of rangers who target all beachgoers doing the wrong thing -and over the years I’ve certainly asked for more community involvement in ensuring the protection of these and other threatened areas.

        In terms of your assumptions – I try not to make assumptions about others, that’s always been part of my training and practice as a psychologist as it can be non-productive at least, in trying to reach a mutually agreed outcome. What is at risk is the balance of nature and the ongoing health of waterways and oceans. I would like to see a proposal from fishing organisations as to how this balance, cleanliness and health can be assured as legislation is only always part of the answer (as you pointed out with the Hastings Point example). My experience in Victoria and Tasmania was that areas and sectors can be ‘over-done’, sometimes temporarily, sometimes on an extended basis. Down there it was specifically the oyster and scallop industries, and quotas and licenses needed to be introduced to allow stocks to rebuild – however that then led to trading in licenses! The same with the whaling industry which was ultimately stopped altogether. If people’s livelihoods are threatened in any way it is my understanding that existing measures are already in place to compensate them. The issue here is how do we, each as an individual, and collectively as a community, ensure that our waterways are healthy, clean and our fish stocks able to grow. To me that is not a simple ‘marine park or not’ question.

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