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Jpeg for Tee Shirt transfers. Feel free to make yourself one and wear shopping, to meetings, to events etc. Rivers have shirts for around $6 and Tweed Stationary have single tee shirt iron-on transfers that you simply print through your computer (check your settings)

Letter of Introduction. Feel free to print off and hand out to your friends, neighbours, acquaintances, shopkeepers, anyone you think may be interested (and don’t make assumptions! I’m being very pleasantly surprised by the support- particularly among baby-boomers). Don’t forget your Grandparents and their mates. The major parties often target retirement homes and hostels.

PDF Click here                                                       Word docx Click here

letter letter


I’ve just received an email from Tim Costello asking that in all the nonsense around this election we don’t forget our commitment to the poorest people of the world. He is asking the following and I support his call.

1.      Do our share for the Millennium Development Goals – accelerate
growth in aid and commit to 0.7 % of national income to aid.
2.      Further improve the focus and quality of Australia?s aid.
3.      Establish a cabinet-level Minister for International Development
4.      Ensure a pro-poor, fair, ambitious and binding agreement on
climate change.
5.      Honour the Copenhagen Accord.
6.      Champion a global climate fund to achieve low-carbon development.
7.      Prioritise funding for maternal, newborn  and child health.
8.      Restore respect to asylum seeker policy and end offshore detention and processing.


Today is the 65th anniversary of the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. this is a video made by children who live there now


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