An Independent Candidate cannot be truly representative unless the community is highly invested in their candidacy. Electoral success cannot be achieved by an individual or a small group alone- regardless of Margaret Mead’s claims!

Given the enormity of the undertaking for a Federal Election , I am seeking an indication that a truly Independent Community Candidate is supported by the community.

This means that everyone who is genuinely committed to changing the face of party politics in Australia to demand a more representative government needs to help in this endeavour.

TO HELP THE NEXT STAGE (not in order of importance!)

Call Galaxy  and ask to take their survey-  apparently they’re just focusing on Nats and Libs here right now    0731198050

1. Talk to your friends/neighbours/networks. Let them know there is an alternative to party politics.
Pread the word on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.


2. Make it your mission to debunk widespread assumptions that a vote for an Independent is a wasted vote. Tell people that a major party vote is a one hit wonder! For maximum bang for your vote, vote Independent.

2. Make it your mission to debunk widespread assumptions that a vote for an Independent is a wasted vote. Tell people that a major party vote is a one hit wonder! For maximum bang for your vote, vote Independent.

(For the Lower House) ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO PUT THE PERSON THEY WANT AT AT THE TOP OF THE LIST AND THEN just put everyone else in the order they want underneath. NO NOT VOTE as the major parties tell you to.

If you want to send a clear message to the major parties, put the person you want FIRST (e.g. 1 Julie Boyd), put the major parties LAST, and anyone else in between

3. Join in ‘ambush marketing’ Get yourself a teeshirt to wear to meetings, markets, supermarkets, visiting parent and grandparents, visiting schools … printed with a pithy message on it like ‘Send a message, Vote 1- Independent Julie Boyd printed on it, I don’t have sufficient funds (yet!) to be able to print and distribute tee shirts (or maybe windcheaters!). But this could be one way you could help. I can send you an iron on transfer if you’d like one, or use the jpeg below that can be printed onto a computer iron on transfer (about $3 per sheet at Tweed Stationary).

4. Contact local media outlets (TV, newspaper, Radio, facebook, twitter etc) to let them know you do want to send a message by voting Independent, Set up your own posters/banners etc

5. Send me suggestions/proposals about how you can help. Thanks to those who have already invited me to upcoming events.

6. Organise an informal chat opportunity. I’m not up for ‘campaigning’- but always up for a chat about how to change the world.

7. Give me feedback about the major issues you see for the Richmond area and how you would solve them!

8, Donate a few dollars if you can afford to. This is how Obama ran his campaign

Southern Cross Credit Union

Account: Julie Boyd Election

BSB                                        802 185

Account Number        138198

Offers of physical help to:


There are three minimum elements that are key to any candidate – each dependent on the previous element.
1. Nomination
2. Funds
3. Person power.

1. In order to be able to register, I need 60 people who are registered to vote in Richmond to sign a nomination form to that effect. I am asking for others to help with this collection as an initial indicator. If this is not achieved for a candidate then no nomination can proceed. (NOTE: This was achieved thanks to a range of people aged 18 to 80 who offered their nomination signatures)

2. The funding issue is a real problem. I’ve estimated that I would need around $5000 over and above what I’m able to forfeit personally to mount a minimal campaign. NOTE- this is 1(one) seat at a Tony Abbott fundraiser!! I do note that I ran a campaign for the last state election on $1000- and got just under 4% – but this is a whole different ballgame. My proposal is an ‘Obama’ type solution where people are encouraged to ‘invest’ up to $100 each. Not a major impost when spread over 50 people (or 100 at $50 each!). The ‘investment donation’ bit would be in my intent to return any donations should this candidacy not proceed or hand over to another CV supported candidate.

3. The manpower issue is also massive as it requires people to distribute pamphlets and more importantly to distribute how to vote cards on election day.

I am giving an undertaking tonight that in the event that my candidacy does proceed and we managed to get a minimum of 4% of the vote, the money which would be refunded could then go to the next CV supported candidate to get their campaign going- that way there would be at least some rolling funding.

So- effectively I see a Community candidacy as being something that the whole community needs to be invested in as there is no way we can compete with major party funding or major party election machinery. This is a chance, If you agree, get the word out to your networks.

If you have another candidate lined up -please roll them out now! This is not about me personally winning the seat – though that would be great and is not out of the question! It is about giving the major parties a major kick, and managing preferences.

My candidacy was accepted by the Returning Officer on 28 July.


A new bank account has been created for election donations and expenditure.  Donations can be made directly to:

Southern Cross Credit Union

Account: Julie Boyd Election

BSB                               802 185

Account Number        138198

Offers of physical help to:


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