How To Vote: Thinking Independent JULIE BOYD

  1. Put No 1 against Julie Boyd on your ballot paper
  2. Put 3-6 against other Independents and small parties
  3. Put 7-9 against Labor, Liberal and National

I’m not ‘allocating preferences’. Rather I’m asking people to consider who they want to vote for and in what order, and to take their list,  pre-written, with them to the polling booth. That way you can just walk through rather than running the gauntlet of the major parties at the gates.

So these are SAMPLE How to Vote Cards. Print off, fill in as you wish, and take with you to the polling booth.

Remember you MUST fill in all numbers from 1-9 to make your vote count. Please don’t vote informal by mucking your form up. If you make a mistake, ask for another form.

Below is a SAMPLE only, completed How To Vote card which shows  the major parties last. If you’re wondering why I’ve put the Liberals right at the bottom on this example, I’ve only just made that decision- even on this example –  their antics towards Independents and lack of morality during this campaign, particularly in the last week, totally lost me.

CLICK TO ENLARGE THEN PRINT. (B/W and Colour options below)

Remember- you don’t have to vote as the major parties tell you to.

Think Independent



1. You can vote for whoever you like, as long as you fill in all boxes- see below

2. If you put major parties last rather than first it is possible for your vote to be used by many people as it will keep moving through your list until it ‘settles’ . A vote for a major party first is a ONE HIT WONDER! Aim to get maximum value for your vote.

3. Major parties (and other who meet certain criteria) get PAID for your vote. That’s right- they get $2.40 per vote. So even if you don’t want to you are paying to support them.


You must fill every box on the House of Reps ballot. On the Senate you can just vote ‘above the line’ if you wish.

e.g Richmond has 9 people standing, so your ballot paper needs to look like this (I haven’t listed any preferences here yet)

BALLOT PAPER (click here for a sample ballot paper word docx)



  1. Hi Jules
    This is amazing – you’ve done a great job!

    Keep up the good work – Marie

    • How refreshing to see a canditate who is prepared to educate the electorate about the political process rather than jolly them into voting for her. I guess it’s the education background! Nice work, Julie Boyd.

  2. I agree with Trev – thankyou for making the effort to educate us all about how to make our vote count 🙂

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