For too long we have had a growing culture of bullying at all levels- and across all media. No-one these days, it seems, is immune from it in some form. The behaviour of those in the public eye is crucial in trying to combat this behavioural virus in our community. How can we expect kids to stop this behaviour when they see it every day- in our politicians, in those too drunk to care, in the hooning drivers on our roads, in those who use their fists first, and, of course, in our council. Congratulations to the four Federal MP’s who are trying to work their way through the ‘hung parliament’ situation on the way they are conducting themselves, and the behaviour they are modelling. How refreshing. I never imagined in my wildest dreams I’d hear Bob Katter talking about ‘new paradigms of thinking!’  I never thought that the idea of a multi-partisan parliament would make it to our newsmedia, but it has through Rob Oakeshott., and I never thought that there would be any contemplation of the value of collaboration over the aggressive conflict that has become part of every question time. We do not need ‘to win at any costs’. That attitude just feeds the monster. We also don’t need politicians suddenly changing their public face just to fool some voters. The role of a politician is to put their country and their electorate before their party. To combat bullying we need adults to get their values and priorities right and, to model collaboration and positive conflict resolution for our kids. If these guys are able to pull this off at a national level and get 150 pollies working together for the good of our nation, then I’d be confident, as a psychologist and educator, that bullying can become a thing of the past.
Julie Boyd
Hastings Point
Perhaps the outcome of this election will finally put to rest the idea that a vote for an Independent is a wasted vote! I fully support Rob Oakeshott’s call for multi-partisan politics to replace of current adversarial system. My candidacy came about because I believed that party politics in this country needed to change drastically, that most party pollies had become far too removed from their communities, and because there was a very high probability of a hung parliament. Everyone needed to think very carefully about their motives. Voters needed to be mindful about where their vote went, where their $2.30 payment went, and what the implication of voting informal really was. Candidates needed to think very carefully about whether they were standing to make a contribution to the community, or whether they were simply playing party politics. We were fortunate in Richmond to have a very high calibre of extremely intelligent and thoughtful Independents this time around. We may not have won enough votes to make the contribution in Canberra that other Independents are now, as noone here had the personal finances to counter the massive advertising spending of the parties, but, if the likes of Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor can hold others in Canberra accountable, then maybe we will finally see a shift back to what the community needs rather than what the parties want. Good on them for walking away from their parties, and being prepared to call their former colleagues what they really are. Good on them for being decent blokes who are concerned about their communities and the country rather than their own political ambitions, and good on them for having the guts to say what they really think. Let’s hope this is the start of a real revolution in politics in this country. Thanks to all who did support us and vote for us. Thanks to those who came to listen at the forums, and to those who organised them. Every contribution of time and effort, no matter how small or large, was massive in our eyes.

Julie Boyd
Hastings Point
Twitter: jboyded

COntact only
Julie Boyd
2 Creek St
Hastings Point
NSW 2489

Saturday 21 August

Bye Richmond Electorate!

Congrats to Justine for getting back in.

For those interested in the maths of how the parties made from this election multiply each vote by $2.30 and that is how much you have just contributed to their next campaigns (as well as additional electoral allowances)!

I did predict a hung parliament from the outset (happened in Britain and in Tasmania and was clearly headed in that direction here) and also the importance that Independents were going to have in that scenario. Pity Richmond wasn’t interested in taking advantage of that – despite the fact that we had 4 very strong and intelligent Independents standing this time.

I also said all along that there was no real mood in this area for a change from party politics – despite the beliefs expressed by many people around the area, and my own expressed belief that party politics has destroyed democracy in this country.  One of my reasons for standing was to show that this was the case.

Huge informal vote so the question of whether compulsory voting should continue. Pity those who voted informal didn’t use their protest vote, if that’s what it was, to put more genuine Independents in.

I am also very disturbed at the role that the mainstream national media played in this election and the ongoing lies, tricks and misleading behaviour which continue to be enabled by the highly restricted powers of the AEC. I would love to see us move to either a Japanese system (no how to vote cards, no electoral advertising on the public purse allowed, just walk in and write the name of the candidate you want on a piece of paper), or the NZ system where how to vote cards are placed inside each polling booth and no hawkers allowed outside)

So thanks to those who voted for me,I think I spoke to each of you, and the other Independents, and for the support and encouragement offered.

I’ll watch with interest how this now becomes a negotiated parliament, with some disappointment that Richmond is not part of these negotiations,  and hope this might finally help people understand the importance of supporting intelligent and genuine Independents.

Finally I am as excited as my kids that they were able to be part of the historic win by the Greens candidate in Melbourne where it was interesting to note that no Independent was standing so the protest vote there clearly went to the Greens.

Wednesday 18 August

MEDIA RELEASE- Independents asking voters to ‘put the majors last.’

Independent candidates in the electorate of Richmond are running a campaign asking voters to put the three major parties (Labor, Liberals and Nationals) last on their ballot papers, and are asking all Independent and small party candidates across the country to do the same.

Community Independent Julie Boyd said today that voters have been telling her over the course of the last few weeks  that the Campaign nationally and in Richmond hasn’t led to any confidence in either of the major parties.

‘Many people have been led to believe their Number 1 is the only one that counts on their ballot paper. This is true if they put a major party first as a major party is a ‘one hit wonder’ , but why not get maximum value for your vote by having it cascade down through other, preferable candidates, then it can have value for 3 or 4 candidates.

Putting the majors last sends a couple of very clear messages

  1. I  don’t think you’re worthy of my vote, and
  2. I’m not happy that you’re spending my public money on your election advertising, and
  3. I’m not prepared to let you be paid the $2.30 that my vote is worth.

Greens candidate Joe Ebono has stated that he supports  Independents in the ‘put the majors last’ campaign

Wednesday 11 August

Dick Smith’s population documentary highlighted the key issues that are not being discussed in this election and why. Population pressure on this area is massive right now and we do not have the infrastructure to cope, nor can we eat houses, or drink desalinated water from systems rusted out before they even start ! As Kelvin Thompson stated yesterday, the population debate has been skewed by self-interested speculative developers funding major parties and preventing any intelligent discussion about a range of issues of real interest to normal people. Combine this with antics such as the Liberals stealing identities of Independent candidates, including mine, on google, and we have a real problem with the image and intent of politicians at all levels. The only way to combat this is to get more Thinking Independents into parliament to hold the balance of power, and demand honesty and accountability. Please visit Independent’s websites, including mine and make your own thoughtful decision about who you actually want representing you in Canberra.

Julie Boyd
Community Independent for Richmond

Mon 9 August

Any non-Liberal candidate, with the exception, it seems of Labor, who googles their own name, will find themselves directed to the Liberal website. Apparently this rort has been perpetrated on around 90% of Independent, Green and small party candidates.

As none of these candidates are in any way associated with the Liberal Party this is a gross misrepresentation of each individual.

Julie Boyd, Independent for Richmond said that she was advised they bought all the candidates names as sponsored links and that complaints are being lodged immediately with the AEC about this being misleading and deceptive.

‘I work extremely hard to be accepted as a truly Independent candidate’, Ms Boyd said ‘and this reflects on my reputation as well as the reputation of every other person affected by this appalling behaviour. ‘

This is effectively identity theft.

All those affected, including myself, are asking people not to click on any ‘sponsored links’ with the name of any candidate.

The following article was published in the Age about the issue

Julie Boyd
Community Independent Candidate for Richmond
02-66764217 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              02-66764217      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Mon 2 August

Letter to Editor

I’m appalled at the way in which this election campaign has been reported in the major mainstream media. I’ve had enough of the gossip, rumour, innuendo  and misogynism which has totally shifted any focus away from important issues and big picture leadership. I’m also fed-up with major party politics derailing democratic process by sidelining any views other than their own and making bureaucratic process so ridiculous it hsa taken 27 years for the community to undo damage that has been done to Hastings Point, as well as so many other places. That’s why I agreed to put my hand up as a Community Independent again. I’m inviting anyone else who has also had enough to join my ‘community campaign’ and give us a genuinely shared voice. Go to my website and follow the links to see what I stand for and how you can join in. You can send a message to the major parties that you’re unhappy by voting Independent and making your vote count more than once. You do not have to do as the majors tell you. Make up your own mind. Think Independently.

Julie Boyd

Fri 30 July

Congratulations to Joan Van Lieshout for drawing the Number 1 ticket. 9 candidates shows the degree of interest and frustration among the electorate. Candidates forums need to include all candidates, not just party reps.

Fri 30 July


Julie Boyd of Hastings Point this morning formally confirmed her candidacy as an Independent in the electorate of Richmond.

Ms Boyd was approached to stand by a number of residents who are disillusioned with party politics and feel they have been let down badly by the major parties.

Ms Boyd is deeply concerned that this election campaign is being hijacked by rumour and innuendo rather than addressing any of the many concerns that are impacting on people in the Richmond electorate such as health- hospitals, access to GPs, and dental health. Our older citizens are facing enormous lifestyle challenges with increasing costs and limited income. Women over 55 are a particular target group as many are finding themselves unemployable with no superannuation, regardless of their experience and qualifications. As a psychologist, Ms Boyd says that there is a hidden epidemic of mental health, including depression and suicide in the Richmond electorate which is not being addressed appropriately.Running and improving small businesses is increasingly difficult again with rising costs and no time. The economy of the Tweed is currently dependent on development and tourism and needs to be diversified.

Ms Boyd will not be attending the ballot draw at 12 noon today. She will instead be attending a meeting with the State Planning Department in Hastings Point over a highly controversial development with is being considered under the equally controversial Part 3A planning provisions whereby the state is the consent authority rather than local councils. Ms Boyd says that the community have been fighting this development since 1980 and are hopeful that the extremely detailed expert submissions they have been forced to commission will see this land, which was stolen from the bed of the Cudgera Creek estuary, allowed to return to its natural state.

Julie Boyd has established a website which will be updated on a daily basis. Journalists are invited to check information on the site regarding personal details and policy statements which will be made on a daily basis.

Julie may also be contacted on 02-66764217  or 0414-868854. Please note that the preferred point of contact is the landline number

NOTE: Journalists are invited to the State Planning meeting today at 12.30 at the Hastings Point Marine Museum, Northstar Caravan Park.
Thursday 29 July

I decided to offer my candidacy because so many people across the Richmond electorate have stated they are disillusioned with party politics. People of all ages have expressed concern that local issues and communities are not being represented and are calling for a return to truly representational democracy. They are also concerned that this campaign has been high-jacked by scare-mongerers, and that key issues for local people have been sidelined in this election.


Wed 28 July.

Tonight the Returning Officer has confirmed that my nominees were accepted and my candidacy has been formalised. Thanks to everyone who helped in this process. People who offered to nominate me were aged 18 to 80 and from across the political spectrum. It’s interesting to note that only Independents have to find a minimum of 50 residents who are registered to vote in the Richmond electorate who are prepared to sign nomination forms. The parties do not have to go through this part.



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