They Said WHAT!

This has to be the best campaign produced this time round. Congrats to the Gruen Transfer.

This has started off as a humourless election campaign with little entertainment value, so many electors have already turned off. What’s happened to the characters we have seen in politics in the past? It’s all so sanitised now! Trying to encourage personal moral/action responsibility is not helped when no-one is engaged in the process. These are some pieces that have given me a grin so far! Feel free to contribute more.

It is going to be a shame when Tony Abbott’s minders get to work on his presentation skills- at least his gaffes are entertaining. Julia is more like the strict Principal who measures her words so carefully we all feel like very slow learners.


(On becoming leader) It’s the last thing I would have expected a week ago.

I accept that I, at times, have stuffed up. I also believe that when you become leader you make a new start.

I have even been accused from time to time of flirting with the deputy prime minister – that must cease now, of course.

Tony Abbott


Ruddock likens people smugglers to property developers. ”They sell off the plan. The first customer pays for the boat, the next one pays for the crew and after that it’s profit.”

Miranda Devine SMH  July 10


Australian Workers Union 19 July

(Look for the spelling mistake!)


Don’t believe everything I say…

It’s dead, it’s buried, it’s cremated. Tony Abbott   


The Great Debate between Gillard and Abbott has been bumped from it’s timeslot because of the Masterchef final. Does this mean that we are more interested in watching a cooking show than who is going to run the country… or does it mean this election is so boring people would rather watch a souffle rise!

Someone has to say it… why not combine the two and have a cook-off instead of an election- with mystery box candidates – now that would be interesting!


Wayne Swan is to surpluses what Paris Hilton is to celibacy (sic) …. Joe Hockey 20 July

Labor staffer in red budgie smgglers – Julia Gillard declares all will keep their clothes on from now on



Good on the Aussie Dodgeball team for reminding us what the aussie spirit is really about! They found a loophole in the laws for national sporting team representation- formed their own association and picked themselves to represent Australia in the world championships. Go the Emus!


Is this where we’re heading?,GSPC,SPY,MCD,WMT,XRT,DIA


Maybe the campaign is about to get more interesting. Bikie, Russell Wattie, Independent Senate candidate for Qld has just declared – we need strong candidates and you won’t get anyone stronger than me. Who is to argue with that!


Bob Brown ‘I’d like to see preference deals banned. People should be able to vote for whoever they want to.’


Adam Wins Masterchef!

The two-hour final edition is widely anticipated to be one of the biggest TV events of the year, drawing in an estimated audience of 5.4 million viewers and displacing the election debate to an earlier timeslot.


Gillard Wins In Tight Debate (SMH 25 July)

Nine’s worms put Ms Gillard well ahead of Mr Abbott in the final analysis of Sunday night’s leaders’ debate, with 63 per cent to 37.

Women scored Ms Gillard more highly, giving her a 66-34 win over the opposition leader.

The men’s verdict was narrower, but still decisive, giving Ms Gillard the win 61 per cent to 39.


Forget Liberal versus Labor. The other contest worth scoring in the leaders’ debate was the performance of the election trackers used by the two major commerical television stations.

// Both had very different perspectives on the issues – and equally varied performances.

Distressingly for Channel Nine, their inactive worm went missing at one stage.

It was taken down for 37 seconds after it appeared male audience members had dozed off, or gone for a comfort break – with the blue tracker flat-lining.


Sustainable Population Minister Tony Burke re Tony Abbott’s Migration Policy. ‘He’s taken 170,000 as his figure … but 170,000 is where migration levels will be, regardless of an alleged policy change.’’  said he was at a loss to understand what Mr Abbott was proposing.


Lib Candidate Falls On His Facebook!

A dumped Liberal Party candidate is refusing to back away from controversial remarks he made about Muslims and the atheism of Prime Minister Julia Gillard


Penny Wong Dec 2009      ‘‘If you are serious about tackling climate change you have to put forward policies which place a price on carbon which makes polluters pay,’’ she said at the time.

Penny Wong July 2010

Openly gay Minister for Climate Change Penny Wong says she agrees with her party’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

‘‘On the issue of marriage I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect,’’ she told Network Ten today.

Later on Q&A she became very upset when confronted by the bandwagon effect of having to accept party policy without necessarily agreeing with it.


On election promises and pledges (let me sign it so you can believe I can deliver). John Hewson on the Gruen Transfer ‘It’s all bullshit’ (sic) 28 July


This is the lowest, cruellest and most immoral campaign I’ve ever seen.

It’s a gutter campaign about who can kill the most refuges and be cruellest to immigrants.

——– John Singleton 29 July


You’re going to see the real Julia now.   Julia Gillard  2 August


What is it with politicians claiming that if they win the election interest rates will fall.

It is absolute poppycock, bull dust… whatever you want to call it.

Interest rates are at normal level right now simply because our economy is solid and doing well. Unemployment is back around the 5% mark, inflation is within the Reserve Bank’s 2-3% target range and Government debt is around 6% of the value of the economy (think of that as having a mortgage of around 6% of the value of your house).

David Koch    Channel 7                           2 August


Any politician who can fake sincerity well has it made.       Peter Costello


GetUp video just sent to me online     3 Aug


Are you suggesting No doesn’t mean no                                                              Tony Abbott


Bob Katter does it again. Listen to the last bit of his new youtube video

But I still think this is his classic. Oh dear! Do we really need to go back to these views of women.

And The Chaser weighs in

It was Federal Labor backbencher Kelvin Thomson who let fly with a home truth about Australia’s political system last night when he told Dick Smith strong immigration was driven by big donations to political parties by property developers.

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