Who Am I?

Particular Personal INTERESTS

Creating Resilient Individuals and Communities

Education for a Sustainable Society

Sustainable Ageing

Diversifying the economy

Planning a Preferred Future

Making it easier for regular people to deal with bureaucracies

Bill of Rights and Addressing over-governance


Julie: A Description


Represents the most rapidly growing demographic in Australia

Is well respected in the community

Builds networks

Is an experienced community advocate

Has received several business awards

Totally committed to the Safety and Sustainability of the Tweed/Byron community and environs

As a parent and (brand new) grandparent is concerned for the future of Australia and the future of the planet

A real alternative to voting for a major party

Will ensure your vote is counted and not wasted.

Wants to involve all interested people in the community and has strategies to do so.

Wants the entire community to feel invested in their candidate.


Julie’s career encompasses a broad range of professional roles. She holds qualifications in Science(Marine Biology), Psychology, Education, Business and Leadership.

In addition to her time in a range of senior capacities in education, she is also a leadership and organisational coach for corporate and education clients, author, publisher, consultant, counsellor, curriculum developer, community advocate and parent.
Julie has extensive experience in business, having owned small businesses and partnered with multinational corporates at various times.

Julie has worked across all three systems of education in every state and territory in Australia researching and implementing all aspects of teacher and principal learning.

Julie is also an active family and community advocate and networker and stood at the last NSW state election as an independent candidate (see the ‘lessons learned’ page on this site). She is passionately concerned about a number of issues including over-development, older women, road safety, the moral and ethical decline of Australia, the Sustainablity of our societies and planet and has been actively working to introduce the concepts of Ecoliteracy and Seventh Generation Thinking for many years.

Julie is also an avid writer who has written numerous books and manuals, and is currently in the process of producing several new publications in including several books of short stories and a book,  ‘Education for a Sustainable Society’.

Julie has also received the following awards:
Telstra Entrepreneur of the Year (Tas) 1999
Ausindustry Innovation Award (Finalist) 1999
National Finalist: Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 1999
Australian Businesswoman’s Hall of Fame 2000
AIMIA Multimedia Award National Finalist 2000

Below- Julie and her PR manager!




    • Thanks Dr. Paul. I’m really looking forward to reading your book. I appreciate your support as I’ve admired the work you are doing with Biochar and to raise people’s awareness about the cumulative impact we are having on our planet for some time. We have brilliant, internationally acknowledged experts in this area who are not necessarily given the recognition they deserve. I’d love to be able to help change that!

  2. Hi Julie
    Sounds good. Can you tell me if your preferences will go to back the Labour Party. It’s just that I want to indicate my disappointment with both major parties but would not like to see the opposition in power given the experience we had during the last 13 years.
    Good luck.

    • Thanks Bron. Your comment says exactly what I’m hearing from a lot of people across the electorate- and that’s the reason I decided to put my hand up – to give people an alternative. As John Singleton said this morning this is the lowest, cruellest and most immoral campaign he has ever seen- and that’s saying something!. As we won’t know who is standing until tomorrow (Friday) I’ll have to wait to be specific. However I would invite you to have a look at the ‘preferences’ page on this site. That will explain how to send the strongest message we can to the major parties. We need to bring back truly representative democracy by letting genuine independents force the major parties into negotiation around issues.

  3. Go for it Julie ! Good luck !

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