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Upcoming Federal election – comments

Posted by: jboydedu | July 20, 2010

Bye Richmond electorate!

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A word from Yoda (my mate Fae) who has provided Yoda’s Solomon solution to the election mess:

In a final comment about the election…Can we please stop the bickering now, and work to clean this mess up, starting with shared leadership. Julia Gillard can have Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, Tony Abbott can have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and Bob Brown can have Sundays to clean up the mess they create and set the agenda for the next week!


Bye Richmond Electorate! That’s it for me.

Congrats to Justine for getting back in.

For those interested in the maths of how the parties made from this election multiply each vote by $2.30 and that is how much you have just contributed to their next campaigns (as well as additional electoral allowances)!

I did predict a hung parliament from the outset (happened in Britain and in Tasmania and was clearly headed in that direction here) and also the importance that Independents were going to have in that scenario. Pity Richmond wasn’t interested in taking advantage of that – despite the fact that we had 4 very strong and intelligent Independents standing this time.

I also said all along that there was no real mood in this area for a change from party politics – despite the beliefs expressed by many people around the area, and my own expressed belief that party politics has destroyed democracy in this country.  One of my reasons for standing was to show that this was the case.

Huge informal vote so the question of whether compulsory voting should continue. Pity those who voted informal didn’t use their protest vote, if that’s what it was, to put more genuine Independents in.

I am also very disturbed at the role that the mainstream national media played in this election and the ongoing lies, tricks and misleading behaviour which continue to be enabled by the highly restricted powers of the AEC. I would love to see us move to either a Japanese system (no how to vote cards, no electoral advertising on the public purse allowed, just walk in and write the name of the candidate you want on a piece of paper), or the NZ system where how to vote cards are placed inside each polling booth and no hawkers allowed outside).

Maybe Julia Gillard should have consulted astrologers who apparently said that this was the worst day for an election as it would create massive confusion and that she should have had the election later in the year!!!

So thanks to those who voted for me, I think I spoke to each of you, and the other Independents, and for the support and encouragement offered.

I’ll watch with interest how this now becomes a negotiated parliament, with some disappointment that Richmond is not part of these negotiations,  and hope this might finally help people understand the importance of supporting intelligent and genuine Independents.

Finally I am as excited as my kids that they were able to be part of the historic win by the Greens candidate in Melbourne where it was interesting to note that no Independent was standing so the protest vote there clearly went to the Greens.

Question we need to all ask ourselves is – do we get what we deserve?


Hi Richmond Electorate.

A number of people have called for a genuinely Independent Community candidate who is able to knowledgeably and competently represent the many facets of community that make up the Richmond electorate.

Tonight (July 28), I’ve just had my nomination formally accepted by the Returning Officer which means that Richmond has a truly Independent candidate! Thanks to all those who helped with this- it was quite a process!

This site is designed to introduce me to those who do not know me, to give you an idea of my professional background, and to explain my passion for a healthy, sustainable location and planet for my (brand new) grandbaby, and others of course, to inherit. I will be including new information on a daily basis and invite you to email issues, questions and relevant information (concise please) you think will be of relevance and interest to others in this community.

To nominate as an electoral candidate requires a degree of foolhardiness. It also requires resources that most people do not have readily available for disposal.  What I am trying to do is to show that it is possible to institute a process whereby ‘good’ candidates may be supported by the broad community through a ‘commitment to investment’ to help them get up! i.e.  if you want to see an Independent candidate get elected, you need to help – in even the smallest way!

If you are:

Committed to genuine democracy not party politics

Fedup with spin and pollies who are disconnected from communities

Aware that Independents can make a massive difference when they are in the balance of power

Looking for an broad-based alternative to major parties

Looking for someone who will help you invest your grandkids future (even if you don’t have any right now)

Then come along for the ride! (and please go to the ‘how you can help’ page. Every little bit is crucially important)

I note that this website is authorised by Julie Boyd.